Trade Show Floor Mats in Solid & Patterned Interlocking Tile Designs

Trade Show Flooring - Interlocking Rubber, Carpet, and Foam Mat Tiles

trade show floor mat

What can trade show floor mats add to event exhibits or booths? These simple interlocking tiles are surprisingly important accessories that can have a significant impact on both customers and staff. Made from lightweight, cushioning foam and rubber, comfortable trade show floor mats offer the added benefits of water resistance, non-toxicity, and portability. Our versatile flooring tiles are available in a variety of materials, styles, finishes, and colors designed to complement any exhibit or booth decor. In addition, the anti-fatigue properties of these lightweight and portable modular systems makes them a great choice for in-store or office use to improve ergonomic conditions for employees and staff. Depending on the style chosen, thickness ranges from 0.375" to 0.5" for maximum comfort. Soft foam trade show floor mats with interlocking tile designs are easy to install and remove from any location. These 24" squares are sold in sets of 25 that will cover a standard 10' booth space, and many models come with one extra tile for use in case of spills, damage, or mishaps. Faux wood finishes and bright colors are offered in both solid and checkered or parquet arrangements to create stylish and realistic flooring surfaces that add value to any commercial or professional environment.

What are the benefits of adding interlocking flooring tiles to trade show booths and exhibits?
  • EVA foam trade show floor mats are designed for durability, comfort, and style. These eco-friendly booth accessories are made of thick, soft, impact-absorbing material (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) with a patterned top laminate layer. Anti-fatigue tiles help provide comfort and alleviate pain in legs, feet, back and neck when standing all day.
  • Durable carpet-topped flooring tiles feature an EVA foam bottom with a sturdy poly-blend rug top. These tiles give booths a classic carpeted look without having to fight with expensive wall-to-wall or pre-cut flooring. In addition, carpet-top foam floor mats offer increased puncture resistance over laminated wood or pattered styles.
  • Protective rubber tradeshow floor mats are the most durable option for portable booth flooring. These heavy duty accessories are made from recycled material and are both waterproof and UV resistant to resist hard wear. In addition, shock-absorbent rubber matting offers increased impression and puncture resistance against high heels, small furniture feet, and sharp objects.
  • Modular exhibit flooring systems feature shaped edges that fit together like puzzle pieces to form a solid fixture. Each of our rubber, carpet, and solid, checkered pattern, or faux wood foam tiles comes with detachable border strips included for a solid edge, allowing these versatile tradeshow accessories to easily accommodate different booth shapes and sizes.
  • Easy to use interlocking floor mats are designed for environments with high volume foot traffic, and are accordingly easy to keep clean and tidy. Our water resistant tiles can be vacuumed and damp or dry mopped as needed using everyday cleaning products. Clean, organized tradeshow booths ensure a professional look for any business at all times.
  • Lightweight, portable 2' x 2' floor mats with interlock edging offer easy setup, breakdown and transport. The simple design allows multiple configurations to be used, allowing these flooring tiles to accommodate varying booth and exhibit area sizes with ease.

Portable floor mats with interlocking puzzle edges are an economical flooring solution for businesses to use at tradeshows, promotional events, exhibits, conferences, and in other high traffic public environments. The simple design and light construction provide comfort for both staff and attendees, as well as adding a stylish look in colors and arrangements that can complement any brand imaging or decor. These interlocking tiles' ergonomic foam construction helps reduce the chance of strains to neck, back, legs and feet for employees who may be standing all day.

Our portable modular flooring solutions are water resistant, although they are not intended for outdoor use unless specified. For EVA foam models, patterns are printed on a separate top layer attached to the foam core, and can be susceptible to scratching, indentation, or even puncturing by heavy fixtures, small furniture feet, and high heels. Our wide selection of styles and patterns includes a full range of designs and materials that will accommodate all levels of use.

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