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Folding & Collapsible Trade Show Tables in Round, Rectangular & Square Styles

folding trade show tables

What are important features to consider when selecting commercial quality folding trade show tables for public use? Durable collapsible furniture for events can save on rental fees as well as ensuring that hospitality and conference furniture remains consistent for a professional look at any function. Lightweight metal and plastic folding trade show tables are great conference or banquet supply tools for facility managers, event planners, caterers, and business professionals. Our huge selection of collapsible and portable event furniture and accessories spans a full variety sizes and shapes with different base designs and top construction. Commercial folding trade show tables, also known as portable event furniture, feature fold-in or removable legs, flip-up or molded tops, and come in different lengths, depths, diameters, and heights to match all needs. Common locations for use include conferences, meetings and promotional events as well as large-scale corporate and private celebrations such as launches, banquets, awards ceremonies, and weddings. Collapsible fixtures are found in schools for board and budget meetings, career fairs, fundraisers and seminars; in hospital cafeterias; in lecture halls; in community centers and churches; and at tradeshows for product launches, promotional sampling stations and demonstrations.

What are the different styles of folding trade show tables?
  • Rectangular event fixtures with fold-up legs are the perfect facilities accessory, as they are equally well suited for dining, as work surfaces, as conference or meeting room furniture, and for event seating. A variety of sizes, including 4-ft, 6-ft, and 8-ft wide models easily accommodate different seating and display needs.
  • Round bar height plastic trade show tables make great accessories at promotional events as well as hospitality functions. Available in a variety of diameters, these tradeshow accessories can be used for merchandising displays, as literature stands, for one-on-one service or meetings, and as cocktail furniture.
  • Square tabletops with foldable bases are ideal for banquets, small meetings, and make great trade show fixtures.
  • Dump-bin style utility stands with foldable legs and recessed tops are a perfect choice for showcasing retail merchandise in stores or at tradeshow or promotional events.
  • Adjustable height trade show tables transition easily between workspaces, equipment stands, and presentation accessories in commercial, professional, and classroom environments.

Our selection of portable tables for trade show booths and other indoor and outdoor event use is extremely versatile; businesses set up a rectangular model for displaying literature handouts during meetings or conferences, or use a square fixture for retail product demonstrations at a tradeshow, or use a tall, round highboy as a collapsible podium. Because many of these fixtures are height-adjustable, they are extremely versatile and can have many types of uses in different situations. Small, round folding fixtures are great for everyday use as in-store merchandising displays or retail fixtures as well as for one-on-one product demos in promotional settings. These portable meeting, banquet, or conference fixtures with steel fold-in legs can be collapsed down for storage, which also makes them easy to transport, which is a boon to event staff, caterers and facility managers. Square portable tables for trade shows are perfect for product demos or launches; rectangular banquet sideboards provide conventional group seating and food display furniture; round bar height tables function equally well as dining surfaces or conference work surfaces or shared study areas in training rooms.

What kinds of environments commonly use portable event furniture?
  • Tradeshows and promotional events
  • Business meetings and conferences
  • Office functions
  • In-store retail merchandising & promotions
  • Catering and hotel banquet facilities
  • School functions
  • Fundraisers
  • Banquets and private functions such as weddings or reunions
  • Church functions

Whether for large-scale such as conventions, tradeshows, and meetings or smaller private events such as receptions or meet-and-greets, these great looking fixtures with collapsible designs are easy to set up, take down, store, and transport. An array of colors and styles makes it easy to find the right match for finish color, style, and function. Some units have a slide button for height adjustments, others have leg clips, while bar height tables offer a variety of widths and sizes to meet any need.

Affordability is always key and these portable event, dining, and display tables with collapsible legs are economical amd practical commercial tradeshow furniture that can match any stylish decor. In addition to these full-size rectangular and round designs, we also offer a wide variety of specialized fold-up fixtures, including tall folding cocktail tables in fixed or adjustable heights to accommodate standard or pub height seats and flip-top training tables for schools or training spaces. Wholesale pricing is available on all tradeshow furniture and seating accessories we offer, allowing businesses and organizations the benefit of bulk pricing on every order, no matter what size.

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